We welcome you to our website; much has been upgraded and improved to be able to give you, our valued customer, massive benefit with incredible deals, as well as fantastic shipping rates right to your front door.


Our site is.well. designed simply for you.


For now, there is nothing too blingy or rad as far as the site goes; all focus is on the contents, where it really matters, and how to get the contents to your door, as cost effectively as possible.


We are a focused business with 30 years experience, having stood the test of time from when this industry was unknown to many,

You do what.no way, was the usual response in the beginning. Many of our ideas and technology have been plagiarized by others along the way, testament to the solid contribution we have made to the industry in SA.


Operational requirements are highly specialized allowing us to accomplish quality supply on a sustainable level, that has taken a lifetime to develop.


If you are in the market for Feeders of any sort for your pets, be it live or dried, visit our Product pages where you can select from a comprehensive list of available feeders, catering for all needs from small orders for a single pet, to large orders for those that have large collections.


The best thing about our products is the fact that you are supported by the most established insect farm in the country. Period.

 We are a place where you will see exciting innovation that will take us into the future.


So, without further ado, check out the whole of our www.feedersforafrica.co.za site, follow registration instructions or simply update your existing profile. We will then set you up for the best shipping rates and youre good to go.


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You dont want to miss out, some really lekker stuff is going to happen here.


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