Feeders For Africa

South Africa's Largest & Oldest Breeders of Insect Feeders

30 years of experiece

With over 30 years of experience in this industry (being a strange one to most people) but, nevertheless striving for greatness through; Quality of product, customer service, transport needs and more.

Breeding insects is an extremely challenging and diverse industry, with an insurmountable amount of innovation required to keep it all alive...

But, 30 years later we stand strong against the winds of uncertainty with our rock solid experience and plenty of hardship we've survived.

Reliability is extremely important for any food based area of business and that is what we strive to consistently provide for you        - our customer.

The Feeders For Africa Team
"Meet Fluffy, your biggest fan.  He starts screeching at me the moment he sees me coming and lays eyes on your superworm tub!"
Margo, Cape Town (Fluffy is a blue crane who has lost a foot, likely from a snare, and who is housed at a rehabilitation rescue centre in the Cape)
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For all your time and effort! Your crickets are WONDERFUL! They are all alive and being crickets and I couldn’t be happier with them – an excellent job raising them to you guys."
"In my opinion, these are at least twice the quality of anything I've seen here. I have my own Turkistan colony, and they don't even look as good as yours. And they're spoilt!!"