"I appreciate your service.  Been buying from you guys a while 200 percent worth it. Great price and great service" - Bradley, Montana Gardens

"Oh wow this is excellent service! Much appreciated" Anshil - Brighton Beach

"Thank u so much u rock" Ron - Germiston
"I have just received my latest order via courier. They must have used a supersonic jet as it is the quickest delivery ever." Ronnie - Cape Town
"In my opinion, these are at least twice the quality of anything I've seen here. I have my own Turkistan colony, and they don't even look as good as yours. And they're spoilt!!" - Leon, Pretoria
"I'm very impressed at the quality of their product. The fast response to sending the package and the care taken to make sure the product arrives safe and sound at your door step!  Crickets are nice and healthy, the cricket packaging smells fresh when you open it!  (I like that)" - Jake, Henley on Klip
"Crickets and roaches look very healthy and definitely the same amount of crickets and roaches as advertised.  I have already placed an order with them for more crickets."  Ruan, Pretoria
"I have to say the quality of their crickets and roaches are in great condition/health." Leonard, Pretoria
"I keep my crickets alive for up to 7 weeks from 3/4 size before they either die from me not feeding enough or all in my T's tummies." Konrad, Durban
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For all your time and effort! Your crickets are WONDERFUL! They are all alive and being crickets and I couldn’t be happier with them – an excellent job raising them to you guys." Carrie, Melville
"Thank you very much for your service. We did receive the crickets in an excellent condition." Carla, Pretoria
"The worms I got from you a while back are fantastic and I still haven't had a single one die which I think is actually pretty amazing. I say it now and I say it to everyone I know that has a lizard, the quality of your insects is the BEST by far from anything else on the market....." Chris, Grahamstown
"I still have my adults from last week on my shelf and still all looking healthy and not one dead one." Salim, Pet shop owner, Durban
"Meet Fluffy, your biggest fan.  He starts screeching at me the moment he sees me coming and lays eyes on your superworm tub!" Margo, Cape Town (Fluffy is a blue crane who has lost a foot, likely from a snare, and who is housed at a rehabilitation rescue centre in the Cape)
"Your live creepy crawlies are the best in the world and very fondly liked by J (bearded dragon)." Ian, Cape Town

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