We pack to the absolute maximum to give you the very best value for money purchase. So, while the travel tub is perfect to get your crickets to you safely, as well as compact enough to keep courier costs low, it is not ideal for longer term holding of your crickets. Just like you wouldn’t buy a goldfish and leave it in the little bag, don’t do it to your crickets.
Like any animal, they need clean, spacious and healthy conditions in order to remain in tip top condition to provide the best feeder insect to your pets. Decant your crickets into a large container with smooth sides. Add newspaper to the base of the container to collect the faeces. To keep a high standard of conditions, change your substrate regularly. Use the egg boxes from your travel container for crawling space – even a used toilet roll cardboard inner is very suitable.

Keep your crickets in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight because temperature extremes can be fatal. Should the temperatures drop substantially at night or in winter, use a heat pad, or cover them with a blanket or towel to retain heat – ensure enough oxygen though. Keep the temperature to between 22C to 29C for optimal conditions. Don’t keep your crickets on the floor as ants are very partial to a tasty morsel...!

Do not spray or dust insect repellent near your crickets. Nor must you expose your crickets to poisonous or toxic fumes as they will die.

We strongly suggest using our PREMIUM GUT LOAD FOOD as a dry food source while they are in your care as it is specially formulated to cater to all their gut loading needs. You may also wish to powder the food with additional calcium to ensure they and your animal have the best possible nutrition.
For moisture, sliced apple, orange (except for pinheads), pumpkin, butternut, potato or carrot should be added daily. Ensure any fruit or veggie is washed properly as they are usually sprayed with pesticide by the manufacturers to preserve them. Also, very important, DO NOT put moist food near dry food as mould is lethal!! 

Please do NOT use flower water balls for moisture as they have been found to cause cancer in reptiles and are not recommended for animal or human consumption by the manufacturers!! For larger crickets (3/4, Adult and Extra Large), for moisture, nothing beats a very shallow dish of open water, with some gravel or small stones placed in the dish for landing and take off pads. Be careful with smaller crickets (any size smaller than a 3/4 size), however, as they can drown very easily. Rather stay with your fruit or veggie as this will provide ample moisture for the small crickets. Lastly, avoid using oranges for moisture for pinheads as they tend to stick to the segments.

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